Donald Trump Has Secret Deal With Rudy Giuliani?


Now that Donald Trump has gone from GOP front-runner to presumptive Republican nominee for president, reports have begun to circulate about secret deals the billionaire businessman is making to bring on particular people for cabinet positions. 

One person in particular who has reportedly been on Trump's radar is former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani. 

“A secret deal has been struck by Donald Trump, and Rudy Giuliani would be head of Homeland Security,” a GOP insider told the New York Daily News.

Giuliani’s place in a Trump administration is all but finalized, the source said. 

“It’s my understanding that the two have talked directly [and] I know there have been serious talks on both sides,” the source revealed. “I’m told it’s a done deal, but until it’s on paper, I don’t think anyone is counting on anything. Trump is already cutting deals as he moves to solidify his position in the party.”

Giuliani previously expressed his support for Trump, with whom he has been friends for two decades. During an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, he refused to endorse the front-runner directly.

"I'll endorse, but I'm not a part of the campaign," Giuliani said at the time.

"I'm Rudy Giuliani, I mean a lot in New York politics, I endorse Donald Trump, but I'm not a part of the campaign. I'm not a part of the campaign apparatus and I don't want people to think I am," he added.

Giuliani explained that he had not been asked at the time to be an official part of the Trump campaign.

"I'm voting for him, I'll do whatever they would like me to do, but I'm not part of the campaign apparatus, I don't speak for the campaign," he said. "When I endorse somebody, I join their campaign. I join their campaign staff. Their campaign staff sends me out to do speeches, to do things like that. Donald's a very, very good friend, I believe he'd be the best candidate. I think he'd be the person I would like to see win."

Sources: New York Daily News, CNN / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons

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