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Trump May Turn Inauguration Into Reality Show

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President-elect Donald Trump has met with reality TV producer Mark Burnett to discuss his inauguration, which Burnett may produce and style as a reality show. 

The New York Post reports that Trump met Burnett at a fundraiser he held for his Jan. 20 inauguration at popular Manhattan restaurant Cipriani.  

Burnett is the producer of Trump’s old reality show "The Apprentice," and broke new ground with the genre as he produced shows like "Survivor," and "The Voice." 

Apparently, Burnett suggested to Trump that he hold a parade up Fifth Avenue, at the end of which he would take a helicopter ride to Washington, D.C., for the inauguration. 

But according to Thomas Barrack Jr., a close friend of Trump’s and the one who is leading his inaugural committee, Trump isn’t planning on taking Burnett’s advice, The New York Times reports.  

“It’s going the opposite way,” Barrack said.  “The president-elect wants this to be simple. He wants this to be about the people. It’s not about putting on the most expensive talent and spending that kind of money to ingratiate himself.”

However, word of the grandiose event has already reached social media. One user on Facebook wrote, “This is turning into a Freak Show... trump is making a union boss mad and I think it's time for Melania to take on her first 'bully' ... her husband!” 

Another added, “So Trump is going to turn the inauguration into a reality show! It will sure beat the horror show that has been in DC the last 8 years.” 

What the Trump inauguration will actually look like remains to be seen. 

Sources: New York Post, The New York Times, New York Post/Facebook / Photo credit: NBC News

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