Donald Trump Fires Back At Hillary Clinton's Criticism Of His Comments

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump attacked Hillary Clinton in a lengthy statement on Tuesday morning, just one day after the Democratic presidential frontrunner criticized Trump’s now notorious remarks about Mexico.

Speaking at the National Council of La Raza in Kansas City, Missouri on July 13, Clinton said, “It was appalling to hear Donald Trump describe immigrants as drug dealers, immigrants and rapists. I just have one word for Mr. Trump: Basta! Enough,” Clinton said to the crowd.

It was just one day later that Trump responded back with a statement posted to his Facebook page, criticizing Clinton’s campaign and for twisting his words around.

“Failing candidate Hillary Clinton, who is desperately trying to hold on to her lead in the Democratic primary against Bernie Sanders, is knowingly putting out lies about my stance on illegal immigration.

Hillary should spend more time producing her illegally hidden emails and less time trying to obfuscate a statement by me that is totally clear and obviously very much accepted by the public as true,” Trump’s statement read.

He also said that his previous comments were not directed at illegal immigrants, but he was being “very critical of the country of Mexico for sending us people that they don’t want.”

Trump also called Clinton “desperate,” “sad” and “obviously very nervous” about Trump’s increasing poll numbers and support among some Republican voters. In the latest poll, Trump ranked number one, with 17 percent of the vote.  Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, arguably viewed as the ultimate Republican nominee, finished second with 14 percent. However, many political analysts see Trump’s no-nonsense talk and numerous appearance on cable news programs and websites as the reason for his continued support, which is expected to taper off as the presidential debates and nominations begin next month.

Sources: CNN, Business Insider / Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore, Flickr Creative Commons


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