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Trump Denies Calling Rubio 'Zuckerberg's Personal Senator' -- Despite It Being On His Website (Photo)


Though Donald Trump denied calling Marco Rubio “Mark Zuckerberg’s personal senator” in a heated exchange with CNBC debate moderator Becky Quick, the jab at Rubio appeared to be written on the GOP front-runner’s website.

During the debate, Quick asked Trump about his attacks towards Rubio, Politifact reports.

“You have talked a little bit about Marco Rubio. I think you called him [Facebook founder] Mark Zuckerberg’s personal senator, because he was in favor of the H-1B visa,” she asked.

“I never said that. I never said that,” Trump responded.

“So this is an erroneous article the whole way around? … My apologies, I'm sorry,” Quick replied. 

“Somebody's really doing some bad fact-checking,” Trump said.

Despite Trump’s denial during the exchange with Quick, it was subsequently determined that there was such a jab at Rubio and Zuckerberg on his website — possibly unbeknownst to Trump himself.

Here is a screenshot of the excerpt from Trump's immigration policy page, courtesy of Politifact:

Image placeholder title

The incriminating lines read as follows: “This will improve the number of black, Hispanic and female workers in Silicon Valley who have been passed over in favor of the H-1B program. Mark Zuckerberg’s personal Senator, Marco Rubio, has a bill to triple H-1Bs that would decimate women and minorities." 

Do you think Trump truly wasn’t aware of the Zuckerberg slam, or was he simply bluffing?

Sources: Politifact, Vox / Photo credit: Wikipedia, Politifact


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