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Donald Trump On Cops Shooting Blacks: 'Give Power Back To The Police' (Video)

Donald Trump was asked about the police shootings of unarmed black people on NBC's "Meet the Press" on Aug. 2, and said police need more "power" (video below).

NBC host Chuck Todd asked the GOP presidential candidate: "Do you see this as a crisis in America?"

Trump said:

"It's a massive crisis. It's a double crisis. What's happening and people. You know, I look at things. And I see it on television. And some horrible mistakes are made. At the same time, we have to give power back to the police because crime is rampant. And I'm a big person that believes in very big, you know, we need police and we need protection."

Trump claimed that police were having their jobs taken away from them in Chicago and Baltimore, Maryland, but didn't say exactly how these jobs were being taken away. He concluded: "There is turmoil in our country."

Todd asked Trump if he understood why some black people don't trust the police, and Trump replied:

"Well, I can certainly see it when I see what's going on.  But at the same time, we have to give power back to the police because we have to have law and order. Hundreds of killings are in Baltimore. Hundreds of killings are in Chicago. And New York is not doing so great in terms of that front, and so many other cities.

"We have to give strength and power back to the police. And you're always going to have mistakes made. And you're always going to have bad apples. But you can't let that stop the fact that police have to regain some control of this tremendous crime wave and killing wave that's happening in this country."

Business Insider reported last week that American police kill more people in one day that Norway's police have killed in 10 years; the last fatal police shooting in Norway happened in 2006.

According to the website, which tracks the killings of civilians by police via media reports, 123 Americans were killed by U.S. police in July.

Sources: NBC News, Business Insider, / Photo credit: Screenshot NBC News


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