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Donald Trump: CEO Pay A 'Disgrace', 'Complete Joke'

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GOP presidential candidate and frontrunner Donald Trump said during an interview with CBS’ Face the Nation that increasing CEO pay is a “disgrace” and a “complete joke.”

“It does bug me. It's very hard if you have a free enterprise system to do anything about that,” Trump said. “You know the boards of companies are supposed to do it but I know companies very well and the CEO puts in all his friends...and they get whatever they want you know because their friends love sitting on the board. That's the system that we have and it's a shame and its disgraceful.”

Trump even called out specific companies in his shaming of CEOs and their income, including Macy’s — who notably stopped carrying the billionaire’s menswear line after his controversial comments about migrants from Mexico.

“You’ll take a company like, I could say Macy’s, or I could say many other companies, where they put in their friends as the head of the company and they get whatever they want.” he said. 

Trump, who currently leads within the large field of GOP candidates competing for their party’s nomination, offered a brief preview of his tax plan in the interview.

“Generally, it's going to be a reduction,” he said. The plan reportedly includes a lower corporate tax rate that would allow for companies to bring money back into the country.

“Corporations rightfully don't bring it back because they have a massive tax to pay,” he said. “We've got to make it so they can bring it back. And I'll be bringing it back and we're going to have a lot of money pouring into the United States if I'm elected."

Sources: The Guardian, CBS News / Photo credit: Wikipedia


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