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Donald Trump Calls Sen. Marco Rubio A 'Lightweight' (Video)

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump said that Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida was a "lightweight" on Nov. 2 (video below).

Fox Sports' Colin Cowherd asked Trump if he would consider hiring any of his fellow candidates, noted

"A percentage of them, not all," Trump replied.

Cowherd later asked the billionaire if Jeb Bush really wants to be president or was being pressured to run.

Trump answered:

I think he is under a tremendous amount of pressure, he doesn't look like, you know, they were saying at the beginning before I came down, Maureen Dowd wrote a piece yesterday which was very devastating.

She was sort of saying that he felt it was his and then I came down. and you know, I had an expression, which I really felt, that was, you know, I talked about a low-energy individual, and I feel he is a very low-energy individual.

And if you're dealing with China, these people send in fierce, fierce negotiators, these are fierce people. And you know, we don't need low energy, OK? I don't think, frankly, Rubio is going to make it. I think, to me, he is a lightweight, OK?

So, you see that and we need very strong people because our country is being taken away, like candy from a baby. It's like candy from a baby, that's what is happening to our country.

In more Trump news, the reality TV star is negotiating his own terms for debates with TV networks, while his competitors are negotiating jointly as a team, notes The Washington Post.

The other Republican candidates have put together a three-page letter of possible demands because they didn't like the questions they were asked during the CNBC debate.

Sources:, The Washington Post / Photo Credit: Michael Vadon/Wikimedia


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