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Donald Trump Calls Obama Hypocrite On Climate Change


Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump accused President Barack Obama of being a hypocrite on the issue of climate change during a campaign rally in Iowa. He also called the carbon tax a "scam."

“Watch Obama talking about the carbon footprint, and then he flies over Hawaii in an old 747 with the old engines spewing the hell out of it,” he said at the rally Jan. 9, according to The Hill.

“And then he gives a speech about global warming and the carbon footprint," the real estate mogul added. "Gets into Air Force One, which is a very old Boeing 747, with the old, really big engines, and if you’re a believer in carbon footprint, you don’t like this, right? But think of it. Flies a 747 to Hawaii and back, and then he gets up and gives a speech about global warming. I mean, give me a break.”

Trump then blasted the carbon tax, calling it a “scam."

“I was just given a bill," he said. "I flew my plane into a certain location. They sent me a bill for $2,200 -- a carbon tax. I said, ‘What a scam. What kind of a scam is this?’ And my plane is a good plane, and it’s efficient."

Obama criticized Trump recently, accusing him of “taking advantage” of the “anger, frustration and fear” felt by blue-collar Americans due to economic hardship. 

"Mr. Trump is taking advantage of that,” Obama said during an interview with NPR, according to The Guardian. “That’s what he’s exploiting during the course of his campaign.”

Sources: The Hill, The Guardian / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons, Michael Vadon/Flickr

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