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Donald Trump Calls The Media 'Scum,' Carly Fiorina Defends Her Debunked Claims (Video)

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump lashed out at the media on Oct. 30, calling them "scum" during a rally (video below).

Trump also again promised to force Mexico to pay for a border wall, just as he claims he made CNBC shorten the GOP debate on Oct. 28 by an hour, notes

"What are these scum back there? That's what they are ... You have no idea how bad they are. You have no idea. You have no idea how dishonest some of the reporters are that work for, no, no, that work for CNN, that work frankly, for NBC.

"... We're gonna have a border. We'll build a wall. Mexico is going to pay for the wall. We're not paying. Just like CNBC gave up that hour, a lot of money. Mexico is going to pay."

Trump wasn't the only GOP candidate grumbling about the media.

During a broadcast on CNN on Oct. 29, Carly Fiorina was called out by host Alisyn Camerota for claiming during the debate that "92 percent of the jobs lost during Barack Obama's first term, belonged to women," reports MediaMatters (video below).

Camerota told Fiorina The Washington Post found that statistic was taken from a "very narrow moment in time when unemployment among women had spiked," and was "a recycled talking point from the Mitt Romney campaign that they've deemed as false."

The Washington Post noted that the statistic "was technically correct for one month in 2012 — about three years into Obama’s first term — it quickly was dropped by Romney’s campaign because newer economic data made it obsolete," and called Fiorina's claim "utterly wrong."

Fiorina stated that The Washington Post had "no credibility" because it said, "I wasn't a secretary."

The newspaper mentioned several times in a Sept. 25 article that Fiorina was a secretary and a receptionist at various times in her life, but questioned her account of "being a secretary to chief executive of the largest tech company in the world."

Camerota later told Fiorina, "But is there newer data available that makes those [job] numbers obsolete that you shouldn't have used the old numbers last night?"

"No, absolutely not," Fiorina doubled down.

Camerota also mentioned Fiorina's widely debunked claims, first noted by, about a Planned Parenthood video, but Fiorina would not budge from that position, either.

Sources:, MediaMatters,The Washington Post (2),, CNN via YouTube / Photo credit: Fox News screenshot


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