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Donald Trump Calls Edward Snowden 'A Bad Guy'

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During his weekly call to Fox News on Monday morning, Donald Trump called NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden “a bad guy.”

"Fox and Friends" news anchor, Gretchen Carlson, asked Trump to comment on Snowden’s decision, asking if Snowden should be considered a hero or a traitor.

Trump called Snowden a grandstander, who expected applause for his work without thinking of its consequences. Trump argued by leaking so much information, other nations might shy away from the United States. He noted the monitoring program would not favorably affect international relations.

“What’s going on with other nations, how are they going to trust us anymore?” Trump said,

Likewise, Trump said Americans will now have a harder time trusting in the government.

“I don’t like people like [Snowden] because there could be a national security concern, and there probably is,” Trump said.

Between Snowden and the NSA, Trump said there are no winners. He noted both were wrong in their actions and called the entire situation a mess.

“[The goverment is] going way too far, at the same time you never like a guy like this,” Trump said.

Trump was most upset by the seemingly endless supply of information and was concerned that it might weaken the United States.

“Where does it stop?” Trump said. “It’s a mess.”

Sources: Politico, MediaITE


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