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Donald Trump: Build Border Wall, Force Mexico To Pay For It (Video)

Donald Trump recently said that he would build a wall on the Mexico-U.S. border and somehow force Mexico to pay for it.

Trump told CBN reporter David Brody this week that the U.S. was allowing in "hundreds of thousands of people" through its southern border (video below).

Trump said those immigrants included "[s]ome good people and some rapists and some killers and drug lords and everyone else."

Trump added, "And I would build a wall like nobody can build a wall. And nobody comes in illegally anymore."

Brody reminded Trump that people have promised to build a fence before, but it hasn't happened.

Trump replied:

Nobody can build a fence like me, David. You know that. I build great buildings all over the world, because nobody can build a fence. And I would have Mexico pay for it. Believe me. They will pay for it because they have really ripped this country off. They have really taken advantage of us both economically and at the border. They will pay for that fence.

Trump didn't say exactly how he would force Mexico to pay for the fence, and Brody didn't ask him.

The Washington Post and NH1 News reported yesterday that Trump will make a "major" announcement on June 16, and travel to New Hampshire, a key early primary state, on June 17.

However, there has not yet been any official confirmation that Trump will run for the GOP 2016 presidential nomination yet. Trump played with a possible run in 2012.

Sources: CBN,The Washington Post, NH1 News
Image Credit: CBN Screenshot


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