Donald Trump Boycotts Fox News, Gets Bashed On Fox News (Video)


Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump announced on Sept. 23 that he was going to boycott Fox News, which resulted in the cable news channel bashing him in a press release and on the air (video below).

Trump tweeted, "@FoxNews has been treating me very unfairly & I have therefore decided that I won't be doing any more Fox shows for the foreseeable future."

A Fox News spokesperson told CNN via email, "At 11:45 a.m. today, we canceled Donald Trump's scheduled appearance on The O'Reilly Factor on Thursday, which resulted in Mr. Trump's subsequent tweet about his 'boycott' of Fox News."

However, Fox News didn't say why "The O'Reilly Factor" canceled Trump, but the reality TV star reportedly bad-mouthed "The O'Reilly Factor" and Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly on Twitter.

"When coverage doesn't go his way, he engages in personal attacks on our anchors and hosts, which has grown stale and tiresome," the Fox News spokesperson said. "He doesn't seem to grasp that candidates telling journalists what to ask is not how the media works in this country."

However, Fox News has a history of catering to the Republican party, and even using GOP press releases as news, noted

"The press predictably jumped to cover his tweet, creating yet another distraction from any real issues that Mr. Trump might be questioned about," the Fox News spokesperson told CNN.

Without a hint of irony, Fox News host Bret Baier read the Fox News statement about Trump's tweet on his show, and directed his panel to discuss it, notes

“Look, this is what you expect from Donald Trump, right?" Fox News contributor Stephen Hayes stated. "I mean, it’s just childish the way that he’s reacting. As if tough questions are somehow inappropriate for somebody running for president of the United States. I think it’s crazy.”

Baier claimed that Trump got upset because Fox News doesn't use online polls.

Laura Ingraham, a conservative radio host and a Fox News fill-in host, added:

Haven’t we all been canceled from Fox shows? Let's just say it. I mean, I know I've been canceled. I know you have. We all have. Right? I mean it would be fun to have him in the center seat tonight, we can talk about it. You are running for president of the United States, you’re going to get tough questions.

Sources: Twitter, CNN, (2) (3), / Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia


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