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Donald Trump: Black People Will Like Me 'Better Than' Barack Obama (Video)

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said on Jan. 24 that black people will like him better than the first black president, President Barack Obama (video below).

During the Fox News show "MediaBuzz," host Howard Kurtz asked Trump if he was going to reach out to minority voters more.

Trump replied:

"Oh absolutely. I think I am going to do great with the African-American minority. If you look at minorities, the African-American poll came out, I was at 25 percent. No Republican has been above 7 or 8 percent.

"I am going to do great with the African-Americans. I think I am going to do great with the Hispanics. I think I am going to do great with the Asians."

When Kurtz questioned Trump's predictions, the billionaire added:

"Look at what happened, as an example, with African-American youth: 54 percent, 58 percent, they don't even know it's so high. They can't get jobs.

"Look at African-American people in their prime -- 30s and 40s and 50s -- look at their unemployment rate.  They want jobs. They are going to like me better than they like Obama. The truth is Obama has done nothing for them."

Trump made similar statements about Obama not helping black people in August 2015. NBC News reported then that the unemployment rate among black people was 12.7 percent when Obama was sworn in, in January 2008. In June 2015, the rate was at 9.5 percent.

The poverty rate for black people has gone up under Obama, as has the overall poverty rate for all Americans.

Obama's job bill in 2011 was stopped by Republicans, noted Yahoo News, and Obama's call for a raise in the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour was blocked by the GOP in 2014, according to

Sources: Fox News, NBC News, Yahoo News, Roll Call / Photo credit: Screenshot Fox News

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