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Donald Trump On Black Pastors Meeting: 'I Saw Love In That Room' (Video)

After meeting with a group of black pastors on Nov. 30, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump held a press conference with some of the clergy (video below).

An unidentified female pastor told the press that issues "concerning the racial slurs and the racial comments that he has made, was addressed head-on and we are walking away with the feeling that perhaps after more conversation" there might be a change in the “tone at the top” for those "who are lacking a voice," notes

However, Dr. Darrell Scott said they had a "wonderful time, wonderful dialogue, wonderful fellowship, wonderful interaction."

"It was a great day," he added.

Scott said he didn't have any concerns about Trump but claimed there were concerns about what the "liberal media has put out, portraying Mr. Trump in a light that I know he is not the type of person that he was depicted to be."

Scott didn't give specific examples of the liberal media distorting Trump, but later said, "Everybody in that room likes Donald Trump."

Trump added that it was an "amazing" meeting, but when he was asked about the Black Lives Matter movement by a reporter, Trump said he didn't want to discuss it.

Instead Trump said: “Black lives are very important. White lives are very important. And to me, all lives are very important.”

"I saw love in that room,” Trump also said. "I see love everywhere I go."

Trump said the meeting went long because of the "love," and he added that the black pastors "didn’t really ask me to change the tone.”

According to, Trump has a history of racial comments and behavior: Trump called Mexican immigrants "rapists" earlier this year; His real-estate company was accused by the U.S. Justice Department of not renting to black people in the 1970s (Trump eventually settled the complaint); Trump ran a controversial newspaper ad after five black teens were falsely accused of raping a jogger (Central Park 5) in 1989; In 1991, a book about Trump quoted him as allegedly saying, "laziness is a trait in blacks" and, "Black guys counting my money! I hate it. The only kind of people I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes every day."

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