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Donald Trump's Ad Mocks Jeb Bush Putting Woman To Sleep With Speech (Video)

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump released a new ad (video below) on Instagram today that mocks fellow candidate Jeb Bush who was giving a speech in New Hampshire last week while a woman struggled to keep herself awake.

The video, entitled "Wake up Jeb supporters!" starts off with an announcer asking, "Having trouble sleeping at night? Too much energy? Low energy?" notes

The clip shows the woman falling asleep, and then ends with the caption: "Jeb, For All Your Sleeping Needs."

After his speech, Bush tweeted a picture of himself with the woman and the caption: "In awe of working moms like Tara who woke up at 4AM for 12 hr shift! Made me tired to hear about."

Sources:, Instagram, Twitter / Photo Credit: Instagram Screenshot


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