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Don't Ask & Don't Tell me about Gabourey's Elle cover

I'm anti- war, so my feelings about the whole "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" controversy are all swirled around and mixed up with my keen desire for mankind to find a better way to settle disputes. War should have gone out of style with togas and medicinal leech applications.

If the six o'clock news had continued to show war footage, a la Vietnam, I think we'd be done with it by now. But as long as the comfortable, fortunate ones of the world don't have to see the blood and maiming and  psychological aftermath at least once a day, we can shrug it off as a necessary evil.

Yet when it comes to body parts touching during acts of affection, we freak out. We don't want to know about gay soldiers? What the hell is that about? I so, so want us to evolve past the toga days. But how can we when we waste time over stuff like this? And don't tell me this is a "moral" issue.

Sexuality is a matter of SCIENCE. People can be tall and thin with perfect hair and straight teeth. Some people have those weird, cave man foreheads. Some people's eyebrows meet in the middle. And then there are Ethiopians who are so freaking gorgeous and regal looking. And when it comes to who we fall in love with, sure, most of us get all clumsy and self-conscious and day dreamy over people of the opposite sex.

But some of us don't. And in this day and age when we know the earth is round and billion of years old, I don't understand why anyone still gives a damn about who someone else falls in love or rubs body parts with. Seriously. Calm down, people. Progress is OKAY. Lightening bolts won't pierce your skull because you acknowledge and accept the influence of SCIENCE. It's real. In fact, science is divine.

And dark skin is okay, too. Yeah, I said it. And because I think dark skin is okay, I'm having a hard time understanding why people are making a fuss over the fact that Elle magazine shed an extra dose of light on Gabourey Sidibe for their cover. Who hasn't seen people with skin so very dark that it's hard to make out their facial features? Don't laugh.  Lets be honest and adult here. That's not an insult. It's a fact. I've seen tall, slim east Africans who looked like walking statues. That's so cool.  But here we are in 2010, at a time when we should be, if anything, bored with discussions concerning garden variety, human variations, and yet it is somehow controversial that a fashion magazine used a little artistic license to make it easier to discern the facial features of its cover model.

Just look at the "before and after" photographs that are being used as proof. Now, which photograph provides a clearer view? Dark skin reflects light like crazy. It's gotta be tricky to photograph. Yet people are acting like Elle magazine pulled a Sammy Sosa. I think they did a great job. The only plantation style racism going on here is in the eyes and minds of the beholders.


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