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Does Sarah Palin Write Her Own Facebook Posts?

Over the past few months Sarah Palin has taken to Facebook regularly to give the world her views on various subjects. She is very popular -- she has 1.8 million fans. That total does not include people who read her messages but are not signed up as fans or the news media that quotes her posts directly.

But is Palin writing the posts herself or is someone doing it for her? There has long been speculation that a woman named Rebecca Mansour is the one behind the keyboard, not Palin. That speculation got a boost following this week's filing of campaign finance reports by Sarah PAC, Palin's political action committee.

It seems that over the past three months, Sarah PAC paid a company called Aries Petra $22,000 for "Consulting Internet, Message" and "Grassroots/Communication Consulting." The company is headed-up by none other than Rebecca Mansour.

Politico describes Mansour as "a Los Angeles screenwriter and political neophyte whose creation of the popular cheerleading blog Conservatives4Palin endeared her to Palin’s inner circle and led to her being hired to help manage Palin’s Internet presence, including her closely watched Facebook page."

Indeed, Mansour and Joey Russo, who founded the blog with her, did leave Conservatives4Palin right after Palin resigned as governor of Alaska a year ago to work directly for Palin. C4P writes:

They decided to leave quietly because neither of them wanted to draw attention to themselves or be harassed by anti-Palin blogs.

But one of those anti-Palin blogs, called Palingates, says that is nonsense. It writes:

The secrecy was kept up in the meantime in order to create the false impression through the posts on facebook that Sarah Palin has intellectual capabilities or a deeper understanding of political issues, when in fact Sarah Palin doesn't have a clue. The facebook posts were then celebrated on a daily basis on C4P, although everybody at C4P knew that they were actually written by the "great founders" Rebecca Mansour and Joseph Russo.

Interestingly, Politico reports that Mansour actually volunteered for Barack Obama early in his campaign. She says she left because she was "creeped out" by people's worshipful attitude towards Obama. She says she didn't like John McCain, and was not initially a Sarah Plain fan, either.

“I was dismissive until watching the reaction of the left," Mansour said. "Because they overreacted so terribly, I felt sympathy for her. I hadn’t felt anything before it.”

That's when her blog jumped on the Palin bandwagon. Now she is paid directly by Palin to help run her Internet presence. Whether she is writing the Facebook posts remains a mystery.


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