Doctors rare, Obamacare will mainly use nurses.


Obamacare is the wrong way to go, forcing people to pay premiums to insurance companies. Is this a free country where people can choose what to buy? If Obama wants people to have doctors, the federal government should provide free emergency rooms to people in crisis. The rest can pay their own doctor. Our health care system is rotten to its core.

The supply of doctors has been restricted so tightly that 40% are from foreign countries and have questionable education and questionable credentials.

We could triple the number of doctors by just dividing the 24 hour day into three eight-hour shifts and putting a class of students into each slot. If we had more doctors, some of them would be available to the public. As it is now, they are rare gods managed like figureheads by the insurance companies who limit access to them.

Maybe you have noticed that under Obamacare, nurses, assistants, etc. will replace doctors. Greed has corrupted the medical system so that many now prefer alternative health options.


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