DNC Chairwoman Booed By Florida Democrats (Video)


Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida, who serves as the Democratic National Committee chairwoman, was booed by several Florida delegates while trying to give a speech during a pre-convention breakfast in Philadelphia on July 25 (video below).

Boos filled the room as Wasserman Schultz lectured the crowd: "Alright everybody, now settle down. Everybody settle down, please."

The Hill notes that Wasserman Schultz was defiant against members of her own party during her speech:

"You will see me every day between now and Nov. 8 on the campaign trail, and we will lock arms and we will not stand down. We know the voices in this room that are standing up and being disruptive, that’s not the Florida we know. The Florida we know is united, the Florida we know will continue to create jobs."

Wasserman Schultz wasn't being booed over job creation, but rather over a trove of hacked emails published by Wikileaks on June 22 that showed several DNC officials, including Wasserman Schultz, voicing bias against Democratic Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and his presidential campaign.

Wasserman Schultz announced on July 24 that she would step down as chairwoman after the convention this week, but still planned to speak during the event, which could result in more booing on national TV.

The anti-Wasserman Schultz people held signs at the breakfast that said that read: "We Don’t Want Cheaters In Our Party Anyway," and "Thanks for the 'Help' Debbie," notes The New York Times.

Wassermann Schultz's supporters shouted: "Debbie! Debbie! Debbie!"

At one point, Wasserman Schultz tried play down the booing: "I can see there’s a little bit of interest in my being here, and I can appreciate that interest."

Wassermann Schultz's Democratic primary opponent Tim Canova may be filing a FEC complaint against her for allegedly using the DNC's resources against him, based on more emails released by Wikileaks, reports the Miami Herald.

The emails reportedly show that some members of the DNC staff were helping Wasserman Schultz by tracking Canova's speaking schedule and press coverage.

Sources: The Hill, The New York Times, Miami Herald / Photo credit: MSNBC via YouTube

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