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Disturbing Video: Egyptian Soldiers Beat Protesting Women

Disturbing video has surfaced from protests in Egypt over the weekend that show soldiers mercilessly beating defenseless women with metal batons.

Demonstrators showed up at Tahrir Square in Cairo to protest the military rule the nation has been under since Hosni Mubarek was ousted in February. In a move that even Mubarek probably wouldn't have tried, soldiers came in to crush the demonstration, beating anyone who crossed their paths. That included women.

The Daily Mail writes:

Aya Emad told the AP that troops dragged her by her headscarf and hair into the Cabinet headquarters. The 24-year-old said soldiers kicked her on the ground, an officer shocked her with an electrical prod and another slapped her on the face, leaving her nose broken and her arm in a sling.

"It was a humiliating scene," activist Mona Seif told TV network Al-Nahar about seeing soldiers slapping an old woman in the face. "I have never seen this in my life."

Here is the video, but be advised, it is graphic:


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