Scott McCommons, a supporter of President Donald Trump, slammed his fellow Trump voters on April 24 for making excuses for Trump's flip-flops on some issues (video below).

The exchange happened when CNN host Alisyn Camerota showed six Trump voters clips of candidate Trump calling NATO "obsolete," and Trump as president announcing that NATO was "no longer obsolete."

Camerota also showed a clip of candidate Trump stating how great the U.S. relationship with Russia was going to be if he was elected, and then Trump as president saying the relationship may be at an "all-time low."

Trump voter Ilene Wood insisted that Trump didn't have the same information about foreign policy back when he was a candidate.

Camerota asked if access to secret material was necessary to understand why NATO is relevant.

"He had a change of opinion," Wood countered. "He changed his mind."

"It's foolish to hold on to a particular view," said Susan DeLemus. "And then be shown evidence for something else."

DeLemus added that she was "satisfied" with Trump's 180-degree reversal on issues and said: "You can't make an informed decision if you don't have the proper information."

Camerota asked if Trump was informed during the campaign (when he made his statements).

"I think he was as informed as they could make him," DeLemus stated.

"He wasn’t the president," Wood insisted.

McCommons scolded his fellow Trump supporters: “That’s not true. That’s not true. He goes behind closed doors just like President Obama did, of the United States, he gets first-hand information just like everybody else does!"

Some Trump supporters still said Trump did not have the information despite the fact that both Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton were briefed by government intelligence agencies after they won their parties' nominations.

In addition to security briefings as a candidate, Trump was advised by former U.S. Army Lieutenant General Michael T. Flynn.

McCommons shouted at his fellow Trump supporters: "That’s a bunch of crap, and you all know it! That’s a bunch of crap! He got secure information on this country just like Mrs. Clinton did."

"Before he was elected," Camerota confirmed.

Earlier in the segment, Camerota took a poll, and three voters signified that they were "very, very happy" with Trump's first 100 days. However, two voters (including McCommons) had "reservations." McCommons also regretted his vote for Trump. Woods refused to participate because none of the answers reflected how she felt.

When asked for her opinion, Woods said that she was "basically happy."

McCommons criticized the president for spending time to rant, rave and lie on Twitter. He also recalled the promises that Trump made at his rallies.

Additionally, McCommons was upset that Trump had threatened people over health care, which he called "unpresidential."

Kraig Moss, another Trump voter, was disappointed that Trump did not follow through on more detox centers and rehab programs for addicted people. Moss, who lost a son to an overdose, recalled being personally promised by Trump on this issue.

Moss noted that Trump's proposed health care plan did not help those with addictions, and was going to cut services and limit Medicaid coverage.

DeLemus defended Trump by saying that he "tried," and said that Trump didn't have "as much of an idea as we hoped."

Trump supporter Paula Johnson blamed the house speaker for tricking Trump: "I blame a lot on Paul Ryan. I call him RINO Ryan. I think they pulled the wool over President Trump‘s eyes."

Sources: CNN/YouTube, CNN via YouTube / Photo credit: Tommy Herschede/Flickr

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