Dirty Secrets: 'The Program' and The Freemasons

By Jason James

My father has led an interesting life to say the least. From world class Blues/Rock pianist to drug addicted alcoholic to born again Christian fanatic and finally unchained, free thinking man. There isn’t much he hasn’t seen or done in his 55 years on earth.

Then one night about four years ago we had a conversation that changed my life.

Having recently gotten sober, there was an energy in my Dad’s voice that I had never heard before. I could hear a calm excitement when he spoke. Almost like he was re-discovering the world as he knew it. Then he told me about something he had found along his new journey through life.

He called it “The Program”.

What he told me about was the world we live in and how everything around us was pre-determined or scripted by some unknown group of people. He said he had spent the previous months meticulously dissecting the evening news and he found that words like murder, death, killed, bomb and terrorist were being used in a pattern. Almost like hypnosis, they were being repeated in different sequences. At first I thought he had relapsed into something much worse than his previous addictions and was spending his free time watching "The Matrix" trilogy, but there was a clarity in his thoughts that told me otherwise.

Keep in mind, my father is a man who’s probably read the bible cover to cover at least 50 times. In fact, I don’t think he’s read any book other than the bible. He’s the type of person that can reference passages and stories from the bible by memory and then tell you the literal meaning. So for him to say what he was about to tell me was so far out of character that even in his highest, drunkest state of mind I would never have expected it.

He then proceeded to share with me the dividing line between God and religion and how once you understand the spiritual root, it’s impossible for religion to exist within it.

I decided at that time to begin my own investigation into this thing he called “The Program”.

I began with what I knew best; The Freemasons. Although my knowledge of them was very basic, I knew that they had been involved in government and politics since the inception of the Americas. From there I found that most if not all of the publicly known Freemasons had ties to 3 other groups.

The Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission and the big one, The Bilderberg Group.

The groups were comprised of some of the world’s wealthiest bankers, businessmen and influential politicians. In most cases the same people were members of 2 if not all 3 of these organizations. So I began to trace the lines to see where they led. What I found was that these people were also involved in Wall Street, The FDA, The World Health Organization, The Christian and Catholic churches, global warming, The Federal Reserve, weapons, oil and of course, the British and American Governments.

Here’s the scary part about it all. These are private organizations. What that means is that they don’t have to divulge any information to anybody about anything they do. So what you have are members of the British, American and other European governments partaking in organizations that have influence over virtually every aspect of human life in the Western Hemisphere, and to a larger extent, the world. Their ultimate goal, to institute a world government in which we will all be slaves to a group of greedy bankers. Our lives and survival at their mercy.

At first I almost didn’t believe it. How is it possible that these people can be in total control of everything around us and we don’t know it? The more I studied these groups, the more aware I became of how pre-determined the world around me was. In the months prior my father told me about it, but I don’t think he knew just how deep it all went. There really was no such thing as coincidence. Life as we knew it was one long script written by the elite and acted out by us on a daily basis. And right in the middle of it all were the purveyors of the message, the media.

As I came to understand The Program I began to see how the media controls the general population through news programs, television shows, advertising and celebrities. It’s all a very carefully planned, well-oiled, fully functional propaganda machine. Comparable to Nazi Germany, it’s all put in place to shape your perspective and to influence your thinking. To provide as many answers as possible so you never have to ask a question and the goal is to keep you in enslavement. To keep you in a system where you work, you buy and you die. You are literally nothing but a mechanism to generate money then push it right back into The Program again.

Once I became aware of The Program, I had to remove myself from it. But how do you unlearn 20+ years of brainwashing? How do you change your way of life in the blink of an eye? The answer to that is, you can’t.

Here’s the dirty secret that the CFR, Trilaterals and Bilderbergs don’t want you to know; WE HAVE THE POWER. We have the ability to choose whether to be a part of their system or not. They are greatly outnumbered and they know it. If we all wake up and disconnect from The Program we remove their ability to control us. Simply by limiting your purchasing, turning off the television or even just sharing this information with the people you love, you are effectively pushing them back. I’ve heard people talk about a revolution, but I firmly believe that this is how we will achieve it. We the people have the numbers and the intelligence to expose them. We can collectively say “F*** YOU” to their one world government or new world order (“mark of the beast” for you religious folks). This may all sound like a bunch of conspiracy theory talk, but that’s what they want you to believe. They want you to think that I’m crazy.

My father and I have had a shaky relationship throughout my entire life. I never understood the choices he made or why he made them. I was angry with him for a very long time for deserting me as a child. But as a man he made his mark on my life with the greatest gift of all. He introduced me to true freedom. And for that I am thankful.

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