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Did Willow Palin Take Part in Drug Deal?

Sarah Palin is a big advocate of family values, but apparently she doesn't practice what she preaches. Of course daughter Bristol is an unwed teenage mother. And now a stunning report claims younger daughter Willow was involved in a drug deal.

The magazine Life & Style writes in an exclusive report:

Lance Nezaticky, a former classmate of Willow's, tells Life & Style that he watched as Willow took part in a drug transaction in a deserted Target parking lot in her hometown of Wasilla, Alaska, around 1 a.m. on a December night last year. Lance, 18, watched as a male driver pulled up, with Willow riding in the passenger seat. The driver bought $20 worth of marijuana, says Nezaticky, then handed it to Willow. "It was definitely her," Nezaticky tells Life & Style. "There's no question. I had met her before." After buying roughly 2 grams of pot, Willow and her companion drove off. "Willow had been told that the pot was really good stuff," Nezaticky recalls.

The magazine also claims the underage Willow was spotted at a party last year drinking vodka straight from the bottle. "I saw her drinking from a bottle of Monarch," partygoer Imran Chaudhry claims. "She was chugging it pretty hard."

Afraid to be seen drinking, Chaudhry said Willow ran to a bathroom where she drank with a friend. "She was like, 'I just want to drink,'" Matt Scott told Life & Style. "She chugged it, then walked out of the bathroom."

The magazine called Sarah Palin's people for a comment, but those calls were not returned.

Willow was in the news last week when she responded to criticism to her family's reality show by using gay slurs in a Facebook post. She has since apologized.

There were also tabloid reports that Willow had a pregnancy scare recently, and bought a pregnancy test when her period was late. She was not pregnant, the reports claimed.


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