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Trump's Speech Compared To 'Legally Blonde' (Video)

Did the 2001 hit movie "Legally Blonde" inspire President Donald Trump's Liberty University commencement speech (video below)?

On May 15, comedian Jimmy Fallon made many ponder that question on the "Tonight Show" after pointing out the similarities between "Legally Blonde's" Elle Woods and Trump's speeches, the Daily Mail reports.

Fallon played two amusing videos comparing the speeches, with edits to both so they appeared more alike.

In the fictional speech, Woods urges graduates to go out "into the world" with "passion" and "courage of conviction," adding "most importantly, you must always have faith in yourself."

Trump used almost the exact same words before ending on a similar note to Woods.

"Congratulations class of 2004," Woods says in the movie. "We did it!"

"I said I was going to do it, and ... I did it!" said Trump at the end of his speech.

Videos comparing the two quickly made the rounds on social media, causing many to joke about the similarities.

"His speech writer must be a Reese Witherspoon fan," tweeted one person.

"The great irony of Trump accidentally plagiarizing Legally Blonde is that sequel is 'Red, White, and Blonde' and so is his cabinet," joked another.

Some took the joke more seriously, contemplating if Trump did actually plagiarize from the movie.

Many recalled the time first lady Melania Trump's speech addressing the 2016 Republican National Convention was similar to one former first lady Michelle Obama made, reports HuffPost.

"It was probably written by the same idiot who plagiarized Mrs. Obama's speech," wrote one Daily Mail reader. "Deplorables."

Others defended the president from Fallon's joke and the resulting speculation.

"So a few words are found to be in a speech from a movie," wrote one person. "I would bet money you could find other movies that have those words in a speech. And other speeches not in movies or TV. Lefties are so out of touch with reality that they take everything out of context or will make anything up and call it the truth just to be noticed, likes on Facebook, shares, clicks or whatever. Sad little 'look at me, look at me!' type people."

"Saw a couple of ands, so is that plagiarism?" added another. "Trump mentioned God and Reese mentioned Aristotle! Give me a break!"

HuffPost agreed the label of plagiarism might be taking it too far.

"It would, however, be unfair to say that Trump plagiarized Woods’ entire speech," wrote Lee Moran. "After all, the themes of passion, courage and conviction are familiar tropes in many commencement speeches across the country."

Sources: Daily Mail, Jay/Twitter, Shawn Stevenson/TwitterHuffPost / Photo credit: Eva Rinaldi/Wikimedia Commons

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