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Did Trump Launch Trump TV During Final Debate? (Video)

While much of America was glued to the third and final debate between Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton Oct. 19, a new Trump venture may have been launched (video below).

According to Politico, Trump’s Facebook page live-streamed a pre-debate program, the debate itself and a post-debate show that included anchors, panels of guests and pre-recorded segments.

While this programming promoted Trump's campaign, it may have also been a test launch of the long-rumored Trump TV project.

Politico reports there was nearly three hours of programming that included Trump surrogates, Trump family members and former cast members of "The Apprentice" who all praised the billionaire in an "alternate reality."

The web-based broadcast took breaks to feature pro-Trump advertisements and calls for campaign donations.

Right Side Broadcasting Network produced the pre- and post- debate shows, which repeatedly trumpeted the messages: "The mainstream media is against us," and, "By far his best debate. A clear and decisive victory."

One of the co-hosts was Trump adviser Boris Epshteyn, who reportedly called Trump's performance in the final debate “the greatest Republican debate performance since Abraham Lincoln.”

Back in the world of mainstream media, Trump was strongly criticized for calling Clinton a "nasty woman" and refusing to say if he would accept the election results.

Steve Schmidt, who ran Republican Sen. John McCain's presidential campaign in 2008, stated on MSNBC after the debate that Trump's refusal to voice acceptance of the upcoming election results "was a disqualifying moment."

Schmidt added:

It’s a moment of clear and present danger to our constitutional order, to the republic. It’s unprecedented in the history of the country. Constitutional officers like Paul Ryan are now at an hour where they’re called to step forward, to exhibit political courage, to put the country first and to communicate very clearly that we have legitimate elections in this country and that is how we choose our leaders.

Schmidt said that Trump did well during the first half hour of the debate, but added:

He was incoherent again on national security issues. He was like an old man in the park feeding squirrels arguing with himself on the question of Mosul. He was incoherent on the question of Aleppo, and just somebody who has not prepared himself over the course of the campaign on these vital national security issues.

Sources: Politico, MSNBC via YouTube / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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