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'Dictator Palin' Could Control U.S. Spying, Warns Rep. Alan Grayson (Video)

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) recently expressed his concern about Sarah Palin someday becoming president and having control over the information gathered by the U.S government about Americans citizens.

In an interview with, Rep. Grayson said he has introduced a bill, 'The Mind Your Own Business Act,' that would ban the U.S. Department of Defense from gathering Internet, phone and other personal information about U.S. citizens without probable cause or evidence of a criminal offense, which is what the Fourth Amendment is supposed to do.

Rep. Grayson explained how 'The Mind Your Own Business Act' was modeled "very closely after a bill introduced by a Republican, Rand Paul." He has also set up a website where the public can sign a petition in support of the bill.

Before the end of his interview, Rep. Grayson painted a potential scenario that worried him (video below).

“I heard Rush Limbaugh ranting almost incoherently about this just a few days ago on the radio. He is very concerned about the fact that ‘Dictator Obama’ can get this information. I’m more concerned about the possibility that Dictator Palin can get this information, but regardless of who we are concerned about, the fact is we are both concerned," said Rep. Grayson.

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