Dick Cheney On Ukraine: U.S. Military Response Should Remain On The Table (Video)


Former Vice President Dick Cheney told CBS News Sunday that a military response from the U.S. should be on the table after Russia invaded the Crimean peninsula.

Cheney told “Face the Nation” host Charlie Rose that there’s “no question” Russian President Vladimir Putin see’s President Barack Obama as weak.

“[Putin] has seen this so-called ‘reset policy’ that’s led to giving up on the ballistic missile defenses,” Cheney said. “We have created an image around the world, not just to the Russians, of weakness and indecisiveness."

"The Syrian situation is a classic," he added. "We got all ready to do something, a lot of the allies signed on, at the last minute Obama backed off.”

“I worry when we begin to address the crisis, the first thing we do is take options off the table,” he said. “In the sense of saying ‘no military.’ [Obama] seems to operate that way most of the time. There are military options that don’t involve putting groups on the ground in Crimea.”

Sources: Mediaite, CBS News


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