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Dick Cavett on Imus-Worse to Murder Animals Than People

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Don Imus had as his telephone guest Dick Cavett this morning, and the topic immediately turned to Michael Vick. Cavett then made an amazing statement:

To my mind, it's worse to murderanimals than to murder human beings.

Listen to the clip here. The comment comes at 2:00.

Here was the complete quote...

Cavett: To my mind, it's worse to murder animals than to murder human beings. I'm not a religico, but human beings are full of sins and crimes and dirty deeds and conscious cruelty. No dog is.

Imus: Boy, isn't that the truth.

What about preborn human beings, Dick? They're at least as innocent as dogs, aren't they?

Can't add much more to Lumina's observation (I cleaned up the punctuation a bit):

Now, make no mistake about it, what Michael Vick did was terrible, and I in no way endorse it, but what amazed me about the conversation... was Cavett saying... "it's worse to murder animals than human beings," supposedly because animals do not sin! What?

Of course, this goes along with what is happening in our society regarding abortion. The country is up in arms about Vick but remains silent day after day as close to 4k unborn babies are killed in their mothers' wombs.

You have to wonder - how did we get to this place, and how can we keep denying what we are doing?

So, while we continue to praise late term abortionists in numerous articles in our media ("The abortion evangelist," Newsweek; "The last abortion doctor," Esquire, etc., etc), men who wake up each day with the purpose of killing human life, we cannot seem to find it in our hearts to forgive Vick or give him another chance... [after serving 2 years in prison] for killing dogs.

Go figure.

Of course, Cavett is the worst kind of liberal, an intellectually snobby one, last year using the The New York Times' blog page to lambaste the speech patterns of both Petraeus and Palin.

BTW, it goes without saying that what Michael Vick did was not the equivalent of murdering human beings. Therefore, my thought is since he has both expressed and demonstrated remorse for his crime, has paid a terrible financial price (loss of $100+ million in earnings), and has served the legally required prison time, he deserves a 2nd chance at football.


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