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Feinstein's Seersucker Suit Takes Internet By Storm (Photos)

Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California temporarily distracted many when she wore a seersucker suit to a Senate hearing of testimony from former FBI Director James Comey on June 8.

Feinstein wore the seersucker outfit in honor of Seersucker Thursday, a Senate tradition, reports HuffPost.

According to tradition, senators are allowed to wear seersucker -- a type of cotton fabric that many wear to keep cool -- on a warm Thursday in mid-June.

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Former Republican Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott officially began the tradition in the 1990s, although Southern senators wore suits made from the material dating back to the early 1900s to keep cool in the summer, before the Senate had air conditioning.

According to the Senate's website, Lott wanted to show that "the Senate isn’t just a bunch of dour folks wearing dark suits and -- in the case of men -- red or blue ties."

Feinstein introduced the tradition for women senators in 2004.

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"I would watch the men preening in the Senate," she said, according to the Senate’s website. "And I figured we should give them a little bit of a horse race."

Some were unaware of the tradition and criticized Feinstein for wearing such an outfit to a serious hearing.

"Wife said 'Doesn't she know you shouldn't wear seersucker on TV?'" tweeted one person.

Those who were aware took great amusement in Feinstein's outfit.

"Comey hearing overshadowing much on the Hill, including Seersucker Thursday. Feinstein representing," tweeted ABC News correspondent Mary Bruce.

"I'm really enjoying Feinstein's seersucker suit #workit #ComeyTestimony," added BuzzFeed News' political editor Katherine Miller.

"This hearing not keeping Dianne Feinstein from seersucker Thursday," tweeted a third person.

Even those who disagree with Feinstein's politics praised her seersucker suit.

"I have little if anything in common with Dianne Feinstein's interests, ideals or otherwise, but I applaud her for wearing a seersucker suit," wrote one man.

Some also pointed out Feinstein wasn't the only senator wearing seersucker -- Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana were also spotted wearing the summer clothing.

"[Seersucker Thursday] is just plain fun and celebrates an American product invented in my home state of Louisiana," said Cassidy. “It’s a lighthearted tradition and shows that the Senate isn’t a bunch of boring suits."

While the rest of the country was briefly distracted, Feinstein certainly wasn't. She continued with the hearing, asking Comey questions as professionally as expected, reports SF Gate.

"I take [the president] at his word," Comey replied, to a question about whether he thought the president was being truthful, adding he believes the Russia investigation played a factor "because I’ve seen the president say so."

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