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Detroit City Council President Under Investigation For Drunk Driving, Possession Of Marijuana

Detroit really can’t catch a break. First, Detroit auto industries laid off thousands of employees. Then, the city declared for bankruptcy. Somewhere along the line Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was sent to prison for 28 years after being convicted on a slew of corruption charges.

Now, the city's newly-elected city council president pro-tempore was busted while allegedly driving drunk with marijuana in his car.

The President Pro-Tempore is George Cushingberry Jr.

Cushingberry was pulled over by Detroit police last Tuesday for a routine traffic stop when officers found open alcohol and marijuana in his car. The officers immediately were hit with the strong scent of marijuana when Cushingberry rolled down his window.

The officers suspected Cushingberry was drinking and driving, but Cushingberry refused to leave his car or submit to any sobriety field tests. A Detroit police supervisor was called to the scene. Upon realizing who Cushingberry was, the supervisor let him drive away.

This highly questionable move has prompted an internal investigation by Detroit Police Internal Affairs. Click Detroit reports that sources say Cushingberry was leaving a strip club when he was pulled over, but Cushingberry denies this -- and all other -- allegations against him.

"I was not coming out of any strip club. I was coming out of the Penthouse Lounge, which is one of the places I've campaigned in all year,” he said. Cushingberry then said the officer smelled and found marijuana because his passenger is a medical marijuana patient.“The reason he smelled marijuana was because he had it on him and it's his medicine," Cushingberry said.

And the open bottle?

“When the patrol supervisor got there, he looked in the back,” Cushingberry said. “There was only an empty bottle that had been there for almost a week, when I was at a previous party that I intended to throw away.”

The department’s investigation lost some key evidence when incriminating dash cam footage of Cushingberry from the night of the arrest mysteriously “malfunctioned” and now no longer exists.

The investigation is on-going.

Sources: Click Detroit, WXYZ


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