Despite What They Think, Liberals Less Tolerant than Conservatives


Last July Ann Coulter wrote a piece for Human Events about liberals’ fascination with Sarah Palin. In it, she includes a mock conversation between a liberal and …a normal person. After I stopped laughing – which took awhile — I realized how brilliant it was to define the culture war this way. That’s exactly who it’s between: liberals — and normal people.

I have several liberal friends – hey, I’m open-minded — who would of course take offense to this statement. That’s what liberals do best: take offense. But the reality is that it just isn’t natural, or “normal,” to think like a modern liberal. That’s why only 20% of Americans today are liberal. Your average Joe (or Joanne) just isn’t comfortable making the leap to liberalism because he knows instinctively that something’s wrong with it.

Despite America’s clear preference for right-of-center thinking, there are many closet conservatives in America. One friend of mine — a normal person – who lives in Massachusetts, my old stomping grounds, writes in an email, “I have learned not to express my opinions anywhere except in my home…..EVER.”

The reason people like my friend feel they can’t speak up without censure despite the fact that they represent the majority of Americans is because the liberal elite has shoved the idea of tolerance down their throats. It’s politically correct — aka, mandatory — to be tolerant. Unfortunately, people are confused. They’ve bought into the notion that tolerance means never saying anything that might offend someone. This is not what being tolerant means. The actual definition of tolerance is “interest in and concern for ideas, opinions, practices, etc., foreign to one’s own.” This is not the same thing as acceptance of another person’s beliefs.

Despite what they think, liberals are not more tolerant than conservatives. All their supposed concern over people’s fragile psyches is a facade. If you believe people should stymie their thoughts and feelings because they might offend someone, then you can’t think very highly of people at all. As Reb Bradley writes in Born Liberal, Raised Right,“ at the root of political correctness is the assumption that some people are emotionally and socially weak. Liberals expect the strong to be sensitive to the emotional vulnerabilities of the weak, lest they suffer hurt feelings beyond their repair.”

What condescending rubbish. Conservatives are very tolerant as a whole. They are much more willing to listen without judgment; and when the person finishes talking, the conservative will either politely agree or disagree. The only people who don’t see this are close-minded lefties who’ve made up their mind that being conservative is bad. These folks rarely have any conservative friends by which to make a fair assessment. They live in a liberal bubble — just like Obama, who wrote in Dreams from My Father, “The right wing has done a good job of building these organizations of accountability, but it’s always easier to organize around intolerance and narrow-mindedness.”

Nice, huh? Why don’t you drink some more of that kool-aid, Mr. President.


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