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Despite Controversies, Donald Trump Insists He'll Be A 'Unifier'


During a speech on Nov. 23 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Donald Trump insisted — despite several controversial statements and positions in recent weeks — that he would unify the country if elected president.

Trump called out President Barack Obama for being a “great divider,” pointing to cities like Baltimore, Maryland, and Ferguson, Missouri, and the racial tensions as examples.

“Look at our inner cities,” he said. “I call him the great divider. I am going to be a unifier."

He had already hinted at his role as a unifier on an interview with ABC's "20/20" on Nov. 20, reports The Hill.

The real estate mogul’s comments came following a recent incident at a campaign stop where a Black Lives Matter protester was reportedly beaten by Trump supporters before being thrown out. Trump called the protester “obnoxious” and suggested that he “maybe should have been roughed up.”

Trump also stated recently that he would establish a database of Muslims living in the U.S. and said he’d be open to surveilling and shutting down mosques throughout the country.

“There's some nastiness, there's some meanness there. There's something going on in the mosques and other places,” he said, reported CNN.

Sources: CNN, The Hill / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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