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Dept. of Homeland Security: Navy Yard Shooting Probably Not Terrorism

In a report released Monday morning, the Department of Homeland Security announced that the Navy Yard Shooting in Washington, D.C., does not appear to be the work of terrorists. The statement was released just minutes after the attack.

A dozen people have died from the shooting, while several others are injured. Multiple shooters are suspected, and one is thought dead.

The report read:

[Metropolitan Police are] responding to reports of shots fired at the Washington Navy Yard Base. The Base in [sic] on lockdown. It remains an active scene and the subject is not in custody. Multiple units responding including SWAT unit at this time. Subject allegedly has multiple weapons. 3 victims at this time. Shots were reported to be fired in Building 197, the cafeteria, on the base. Additional street closures include the 11th St Bridge and M Street are closed between 2nd and 4th Streets,SE. All outbound flights out of DCA are on hold by FAA as a result of this incident.

President Barack Obama addressed the tragedy, which is just the latest in a trend of mass killings. "Several people have been shot and some have been killed," said the president, who also stated that the country "is confronting another mass shooting."

Vice President Joe Biden also weighed in on the day’s events from Charleston, South Carolina, where he was already scheduled to speak on the economy.

"This situation is unfolding and we know a tragedy has occurred and we are thinking about all the people who are there and praying for the safety of all the military and police personnel who are trying to bring this under control as well," said Biden.

He also said, "Our thoughts and prayers are with the military and civilian personnel at the Washington Navy Yard."

Sources: The Inquisitr, NBC Washington, CNN Politics


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