Election Day in Denver: UFOs and Space Aliens on Ballot


While America faces a crummy economy and a war in Afghanistan, Denver will decide today if being prepared for a space alien visit should be its focus.

Denver citizens are voting on an initiative that would create an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission. The panel would promote "harmonious, peaceful, mutually respectful and beneficial coexistence" between earthlings and extraterrestrials, in part by developing protocols for "diplomatic contact."

"It's like saying you're going to have a ballot initiative about the existence of Bigfoot," Michael Shermer, publisher of Skeptic magazine, told the Los Angeles Times.

But Shermer knows the initiative qualified with the needed signatures. If Denver votes yes, the commission will be formed. All this is the brainchild of 55-year-old Jeff Peckman, who is concerned that if/when aliens touch down in the Mile High City, there is no official set of rules for greeting and living alongside them. Up until now, it was just: Let's send John Elway out to meet 'em.

While Peckman is pleased, some city lawmakers are embarrassed.

"If someone was looking to locate a business here, they'd think, 'What kind of city is this?' " Councilman Charlie Brown said when the initiative first qualified for the ballot.

Brown joked that if approved, the measure could result in a costly boondoggle for the city. "What would a commission demand of us as a city? Do they want to go to a conference on Mars? We'll pay for a one-way trip."

But Peckman is undaunted. Because President Obama hasn't released any information on UFO landings, Peckman came up with this tactic to try to set-up an official panel that could look into extraterrestrials.

For his part, Peckman claims to have seen a spaceship, but only once. It was on the day Michael Jackson died. That cannot be a coincidence! Peckman was standing in downtown Denver, chatting on a cell phone, when he says a green ball of light flashed by.

"It didn't fizzle out like a meteorite. I just stood there awe-struck," he said. "The next morning, I read someone had seen a green ball of light over Neverland."


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