Dennis Rodman Asks North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un to Free Kenneth Bae

Former NBA basketball star Dennis Rodman asked North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un today to free Kenneth Bae, an American sentenced to 15 years in jail.

“I’m calling on the Supreme Leader of North Korea or as I call him 'Kim,' to do me a solid and cut Kenneth Bae loose,” Rodman tweeted on Twitter.

Rodman said he "decided to help" in another tweet after reading an article inThe Seattle Times by Thanh Tan.

Tan wrote in part:

Dennis Rodman claims to be lifelong buddies with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. Really? Well, perhaps now is the time for the NBA has-been to practice some real basketball diplomacy and call up his so-called friend for a favor: Grant American detainee Kenneth Bae amnesty and release him to his family.

The Lynnwood man has languished in prison for  six months on questionable charges and was sentenced this week to 15 years of hard labor for “hostiles acts” against North Korea.

Rodman met Jong-Un in February and formed a controversial friendship.

During his trip to North Korea, Rodman told Kim, “You have a friend for life,” after a game between a North Korean team and the Harlem Globetrotters.

Kim is reportedly a huge fan of Chicago Bulls, which Rodman played for during the 1990s when the team won three NBA titles.

Bae was recently sentenced to 15 years of hard labor for supposedly trying to take over North Korea, reports AFP.

According to South Korean political activist Do Hee-Yoon, Bae was actually arrested because he took photographs of starving children in North Korea.

Other news reports claim that Bae was using his tour company to bring Christian missionaries into North Korea, which has laws against proselytizing.

Source: AFP, The Seattle Times, Twitter


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