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Democrats Seeking Alternatives To Hillary Clinton Following Email Controversy


According to reports, Democrats in nominating states are seeking alternative candidates to Hillary Clinton for 2016 following recent controversies surrounding the former Secretary of State.

After the recent scandals that have come to light involving Clinton’s use of a private email address for conducting official business when served as Secretary of State, as well as news of foreign donations being given to the Clinton Foundation, Democrats are reportedly seeking other possible contenders for president in 2016. So far, however, credible alternatives have been hard to come by, the Washington Post reports.

“The problem is, there’s nobody out there who’s not Clinton who’s the equivalent of Barack Obama,” Portsmouth Democrats chairman Larry Drake said. “He was a fresh face . . . and he gave great speeches­ and he turned out to be electable.”

Democratic National Committee member H. Boyd Brown said that the issues surrounding Clinton are weighing heavily on her position as a leading contender for the Democratic nomination for president.

“Nobody down here wants a coronation. We need options. Who knows what could happen. It’s always good to have more than one candidate running,” Brown said. “Those aren’t some tabloid scandals. Those are job-related, national-security-related issues that matter.”

One politician eyeing the presidential nomination is Maryland governor Martin O’Malley, who recently announced that he would not pursue an open Senate seat – evidence that he is serious about potentially becoming an alternative to Clinton.

“Regardless of what other candidates do, for my own part, I believe the way that this is supposed to work is that if candidates feel they have ideas that will move our country forward, they should make a decision based on that,” O’Malley said. “And then the people will decide once they get a chance to evaluate those ideas and those candidacies, which one best serves these times and our nation.”

Source: Washington Post / Photo Credit:, WikiCommons


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