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Democrats’ “New” Meme: If Republicans win the House, We’ll Have More Oil Spills

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I recently received another email from the propaganda campaign wing of the Obama Administration.  In this latest update from David Plouffe, the Democrat party seeks to revive several old talking points with zero merit.  The letter issues this dire warning:

“And if Republicans win control of the House, Rep. Barton could be chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee — overseeing regulation of the oil and gas industry.”

And of course, that would be devastating because:

“Rep. Barton and Republicans like him don’t understand that the real tragedy is what’s happening to the people in the Gulf Coast.”

Really?  It was Governor Bobbly Jindal who held frequent press conferences because the Obama regime refused to authorize his request to build sand berms to protect the shoreline and provide easier cleanup.  It was Jindal, a Republican, who eventually gave up on the ineffective “Unified Command” and ordered the National Guard to begin building a wall to protect Louisiana’s shoreline.

And during this time, what has Obama done?  He’s taken two vacations; he played six games of golf before meeting with BP’s CEO (for a whopping 20 minutes); he’s had Paul McCartney over for a concert.  It took Obama 12 days just to visit the gulf, and after 57 days, all he managed was to force BP to hand him a $20,000,000 slush fund.  Don’t get me wrong: BP should have to pay damages, but BP should be issuing those payments after court decisions.  The Obama tactic “has all the legality of a car-jacking.”

Rep. Barton had the audacity to point this out in comments during BP’s testimony, which, of course, is the reason he’s being targeted.  As Plouffe says in the letter:

“Let’s be clear. This fund is a major victory for the people of the Gulf. It’s a key step toward making them whole again. BP has a responsibility to those whose lives and livelihoods have been devastated by the disaster.”

This is half-true at best.  BP still would have been liable for damages even without handing over control of the new slush fund.  Gulf coast residents would probably be happier if the Administration would work with BP to “just plug the damn hole” instead of running around the country using this crisis as a political tool.

But Plouffe wasn’t done yet.  No Democrat campaign could be complete without taking on the “Great Satan,” Halliburton:

Notably, companies like Halliburton — the folks responsible for cementing the Deepwater Horizon rig — are directing their political committees to deliver thousands of dollars to GOP candidates this cycle. Barton himself has received more than $100,000 from the oil and gas industry this election cycle.

During his Presidential bid, Obama received about $900,000 from the oil and gas industry, and garnered the biggest chunk of BP donations.  Even by Plouffe’s logic, Obama must be 9 times more responsible than Rep. Barton for the oil spill.  Perhaps Plouffe needs to change his focus.

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