Democrat's New Bill Seeks To Ban Guns From Airports


Democratic Rep. Hank Johnson of Georgia introduced a new piece of legislation aimed at banning guns in areas of airports that are located before security checkpoints.

Johnson’s bill, called the Airport Security Act of 2015, would prevent anyone besides police officers to carry guns in areas before security checkpoints, regardless of whether or not they have a license, The Hill reports.

“Airports are the gateway to commerce throughout the world and the front door to the communities they connect for millions of passengers who visit the United States each year,” Johnson said in a statement. “It defies logic that we would allow anyone other than law enforcement officials to carry a loaded gun within an airport. This bill is simple common sense.”

As it stands currently, some guns are allowed to be carried on planes if they’re unloaded, locked and packed into checked baggage. TSA regulations prohibit guns from being packed in carry-on luggage.

According to Johnson's office, the bill would “expand Homeland Security’s jurisdiction to include non-secure areas of airports and would take precedence over any city or state laws that allow weapons in any airports nationwide.”

The legislation comes following an incident involving a man who legally carried an AR-15 inside Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

“The gun ban would include public transportation stops within airports if the gun owner departs the transit station at an airport,” Johnson’s office stated.

“Law-abiding gun owners would still be able to carry guns if they are unloaded and contained in clearly marked, locked cases," the Georgia Democrat's office added. "Airports would also be required to post signs that clearly indicate they are gun-free zones." 

Sources: The Hill, WND

Photo Credit: rt.com, R/Flickr


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