Democrats More Confident In Nominee Than Republicans

Results from an August survey indicate only a slim majority of Republican voters are confident there is a 2016 candidate who would make a good president. Democrats were more confident.

On Sept. 2, a Gallup poll found that only 53 percent of Republican and Republican-leaning respondents were confident there was any current candidate who would make a good president.

In comparison, 63 percent of Democratic and Democratic-leaning respondents were confident, a 10 percentage point difference.

The poll was conducted over the course of August and marked a 7 percentage point drop in confidence among Republicans during July.

Before the Republican National Convention, 60 percent of Republican respondents told the same survey that they were confident there was a candidate who would make a good commander-in-chief.

The results reflect poorly on GOP nominee Donald Trump. Another Gallup survey released on Aug. 19 found that only 46 percent of Republicans were happy to have the business mogul as their nominee while 52 percent wished someone else was their standard bearer.

In the same poll, 56 percent of Democratic respondents were pleased with Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton while 52 percent wished they were being represented by another candidate.

The Gallup survey that had measured confidence in whether the 2016 election would produce a good president also found that 46 percent of Republican and Republican-leaning respondents have been closely following the campaigns.

In comparison, only 36 percent of Democratic and Democratic-leaning respondents have been keeping close tabs on election season. Gallup has found that since January 2016, Republicans have been watching the election more closely than Democrats.

Republican polarization over whether Trump can become a worthwhile president has not stopped the GOP nominee from gaining on Clinton in the polls.

Aggregating the last eight national polls released since Aug. 30, Real Clear Politics found that Clinton currently only leads Trump by an average 45.8 percent to 43.4 percent in a head-to-head matchup, a difference of only 2.4 percentage points.

A large portion of the GOP establishment has resisted Trump, with numerous Republican operatives expressing alarm he is within striking distance of winning in November.

“It’s terrifying,” one anonymous GOP consultant told BuzzFeed News. “He’s not qualified ... and it’s a massive problem. I’m not a fan of Hillary Clinton, but at least I feel like some of those jobs that are required for president, she could do them.”

Another anonymous GOP strategist stated that a Trump presidency “would be terrible for America, and for the world.”

Sources: BuzzFeed NewsGallup (2), Real Clear Politics / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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