Twist: Democrats Attack Republicans for Being Soft on Pot

By Brian Doherty

Jacob Sullum blogged about the strange belief on the part of many pundits, Democrats, and alas fans of liberalized pot laws that the Democratic Party is their friend. A group of New Hampshire Democrats, in a web site dedicated to attacking their statewide Republican opponents, slams a candidate for alderman in Manchester, Phil Greazzo, because "Greazzo uses Marijuana, or as he terms it "green gift of God" on a regular basis to "relax" and is a member of the Free State movement. (Nashua Telegraph, 3/2/2007)  He is a candidate only Ron Paul could love."

Pot legalization would make a sweet way for the GOP in general to make a sternly fiscally responsible case for drug war sanity, and maybe maybe maybe just maybe (but probably not) sheer off some young potential Democrat votes. Alas, that's a strategy only a Ron Paul might embrace, for the most part.


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