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Poll: Democratic Party Pulls Ahead Of GOP In Favorability

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While the favorable ratings for both the Democratic and Republican parties are still close to record lows, the most recent poll showed a slight edge for the Democratic Party. 

The newly released Gallup poll showed the Democratic Party’s favorable rating at 42 percent, while 35 percent of Americans said they viewed the Republican Party favorably. The poll, conducted between July 8 and 12, found Democrats seeing a slight increase from a 39 percent favorable rating in March. 

The improvement for Democrats comes after their significant loss in the 2014 midterm elections, and is due in part to President Obama’s higher approval rating through the year so far. 

Republicans saw their party gain a slight edge over Democrats in late 2013, during the rise of ISIS, the Ebola crisis and the scandal involving falsified reports filed by the Veterans Administration that attempted to conceal the waiting times endured by veterans trying to seek medical attention. 

The Gallup poll was conducted via phone interview amongst a random sample of 1,009 citizens in all 50 states, ages 18 and over. 

Sources: Gallup, Global Post

Photo Credit:, PresidenciaRD/Flickr


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