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Democratic National Committee Asks For Money in Impeachment Panic

The Democratic National Committee sent out an email to Obama for America supporters urging them to give money to protect the president from Republicans rallying for his impeachment.

With the subject line “Impeachment,” the DNC asked for donations to get back a Democratic Congress that would have Obama's back. “Republicans are actually excited about the idea” of the “I-word," the email said.

“What do these people all have in common?” it questioned, quoting Republican congress people like Rep. Michele Bachmann who have called for Obama’s impeachment for various counts of presidential misconduct.

“Show these Republicans that they are way, way off-base, and give President Obama a Congress that has his back,” the email said, adding that 17 Republican house seats are needed for Democrats to reclaim the majority.  

While no Republicans have introduced an impeachment bill, several have cited impeachable offenses that the president committed. These include forging his United States birth certificate, violating the constitution, and overreaching executive authority.

Aaron Klein, a reporter for the website WorldNetDaily, co-authored the book Impeachable Offenses: The Case for Removing Barack Obama From Office, which he calls a journalistic, non-partisan investigation of all the wrongdoings Obama has been accused of while in office.

“This is about individual liberty. It’s about the rule of law,” said Klein, whose chapters include the Libya invasion, Obamacare, and the Fast and Furious campaign. “It’s about whether the separation of powers means anything or not.”

President Obama came under fire by Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst (R) for “disregarding federal law,” while Sarah Palin accused Obama on Facebook of “impeachable offenses” for not addressing the debt ceiling.

Only two presidents, Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton, have been impeached, but both were allowed to finish serving out their terms.

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