Democratic Candidate's Sarcastic, Yet Effective Way To Prevent Abortion


An Arizona Democratic congressional candidate responded to a letter-writing campaign from an anti-abortion group by mailing out his own solution to unwanted pregnancy and abortion: condoms.

The National Pro-Life Alliance asked whether James Woods, who is running for a seat in Congressional District 5 currently occupied by a Republican, supports the “sanctity of life.”

“Thank you for taking the time to write to me about your anti-abortion stance,” Woods responded to the group in a letter. “While I cannot support policies that jeopardize the health and stability of women and their families, there are many measures that I do support that are proven to quickly enhance the well-being of women — and to significantly reduce abortion.”

He said he supports expanding comprehensive sex education, ensuring greater access to birth control and strengthening government programs for low-income women and children.

“I look forward to working together with you to promote policies like these,” the letter said.

Woods’ spokesperson Seráh Blain told the Phoenix New Times that they will also be sending the group campaign condoms that say “Prevent Abortion – Woods.”

Woods, a supporter of Planned Parenthood, is an open agnostic Humanist. In a release he explained his “reproductive justice position is part of a progressive Humanist platform that he hopes will motivate other politicians to be open about their Humanist values and identity.”

If he wins, he will become the "first member of Congress to have openly campaigned as an atheist," it says on his Facebook page. 

Sources: ThinkProgress, Phoenix New Times

Image credit: Facebook (2)


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