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Democratic Ad: "2 Mitt Romneys Trapped in 1 Body"

Democrats are taking aim at possible Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, saying he is in actuality two men trapped in one body.

The ad from the Democratic National Committee, fittingly called "Trapped," portrays Romney as a chronic flip-flopper, willing to say anything to get elected, even if it contradicts earlier statements.

The DNC, of course, is not the first opponent to pin the flip-flopper tag on Romney; indeed, he does it to himself with his constantly ever-changing policies.

ABC News reports that the ad will run in six local markets -- Albuquerque, Raleigh-Durham, Columbus, Ohio, Pittsburgh, Washington, DC, and Milwaukee.

A spokeswoman for the Romney campaign, Andrea Saul, did not address the specifics of the ad, saying only, "The last thing the White House wants is to have to run against Mitt Romney and be held accountable for the many failures of this administration. So, instead of focusing on the economy and creating jobs, President Obama and Democrats are focused on tearing down Mitt Romney.”


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