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Democrat Office in Gallatin, Tennessee Vandalized with Racist Bumper Sticker

The Sumner County Democratic Party office in Gallatin, Tennessee was defaced, on Monday, with a racist bumper sticker placed on a window.

The bumper sticker, discovered by campaign workers, reads: "The bro and his ho gotta go," reports WKRN-TV.

Maria Brewer, the vice chairman of the Sumner County Democratic Party, told WKRN-TV: "I saw it and I thought it was offensive. It is a racial slur about the president and his wife, especially disturbing. I don't think politicians should have to worry about their families being attacked, especially for the color of their skin. It's a slur against women as well as African Americans."

Brewer plans to leave the bumper sticker on the office window through the election so that residents can "see the attitudes that are out there."

Police are investigating the incident but have no suspects.

The bumper sticker is popular on Facebook, where people post pictures of the offensive slogan on their pages.


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