Democrat Congresswoman Swears Off Wall Street Donations For Senate Campaign


A Democrat seeking a Senate seat announced on Thursday her pledge to swear off campaign donations from Wall Street banks.

Democratic Rep. Donna Edwards of Maryland, who is currently eyeing the Democratic nomination in Maryland for the Senate, said she was "outraged" by reports that Wall Street executives held meetings to discuss ways to get Senators like Elizabeth Warren to scale back on their criticism of big banks.

"Wall Street won't be happy until Democrats stop listening to progressives like me and Elizabeth Warren - and instead carry out orders from the biggest banks in the world," she said. Edwards also urged fellow Senate hopeful Democratic Rep. Chris Van Hollen of Maryland to reject Wall Street donations.

Edwards' announcement marked a significant moment for advocacy group Democracy for America, which has been attempting to get candidates to forego Wall Street money for years.

"If Democrats want to prove that they're not owned by Wall Street bullies," chairman Jim Dean said in a statement, "it starts by making clear that you can't be bought and we're hopeful that other House and Senate candidates will join Donna Edwards in boldly speaking out."

Sources: Reuters, The Hill

Photo Credit: Greg Nash via thehill.com, WikiCommons


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