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Dem. Terry McAuliffe Wins Virginia, NJ Gov. Chris Christie is Re-Elected, Bill de Blasio is New Mayor of NYC

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) won re-election tonight against Democrat State Sen. Barbara Buono despite his one billion dollar cut to the state's education budget and recent confrontation with a teacher.

Gov. Christie's numbers have remained popular in the largely Democratic state since last year's Hurricane Sandy disaster in which he worked with President Obama to get aid to the state.

According to CNN, Gov. Christie won 55 percent of females and all age groups, except for 18 to 29-year-olds. He also won 20 percent of the African-Americans and 50 percent of the Latino vote.

State Sen. Buono has had problems with name recognition and MSNBC featured her recently in an effort to give her more publicity, reports

In the Virginia gubernatorial race, Fox News projected a win for Democrat Terry McAuliffe (pictured) over Republican Ken Cuccinelli, whose conservative views such as wanting to ban sodomy didn't help. Nor did appearances by the Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, as well as some of their children.

Bill de Blasio became New York City's first Democratic mayor since 1993, reports

De Blasio gained a huge lead over Republican Joe Lhota after Anthony Weiner's campaign imploded due to another sex scandal.

With the help of a successful television ad campaign and his popular family, De Blasio has had a steady lead since the Sept. 10 primaries, but was practically a dark horse earlier this year.

After De Blasio promised to "end the stop-and-frisk era" of New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, Lhota tried to scare New Yorkers by warning that De Blasio's election would lead to a crime wave. Even former Mayor Rudy Guiliani tried to make the claim stick, but failed.

De Blasio has called himself a "true progressive" and promised to battle income inequality.

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