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Dem Presidential Candidate Fires Back At Hillary, Tells Her To 'Step Down From Your Throne'


The democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard reportedly continued to attack Hillary Clinton last Tuesday night, calling out Clinton’s policy a “disaster” on another one of her campaign videos, attacking the former state secretary’s foreign policy.

Gabbard says in the introduction of the video: “Hillary, your foreign policy was a disaster for our country and the world.” and continued: “It’s resulted in the deaths and injuries of so many of my brothers and sisters in uniform. It’s devastated entire countries, millions of lives lost, refugee crises, our enemy al-Qaeda/ISIS strengthened.”

Gabbard, who has served as a Hawaii Army National Guard in Iraq, also demands Clinton to apologize for her policy, which caused “damage.”

“Yet, despite this damage that you have done to our country and the world, you want to continue your failed policies directly or through the Democratic nominee. It is long past time for you to step down from your throne so the Democratic Party can lead with a new foreign policy which will actually be in the interests of and benefit the American people and the world.”

Gabbards’ latest message was pointed at Clinton, in which Clinton had earlier implied from her previous statements that Gabbard was being used by Russia’s Kremlin to become a third-party candidate in the 2020 elections.

The feud gained a lot of attention on social media and online forums.

One user said, "If Tulsi thinks she should be campaigning against Hillary Clinton rather than Donald Trump, she does not understand the severity of the situation we are currently in as a nation."

"Well, Tulsi Gabbard is doing a fantastic job running in the primary against Clinton. President Hillary Clinton's foreign policy is a complete dumpster fire. Somebody should really remove her from office," another one added.

Sources: New York Post / Photo Credit: Tulsi Gabbard

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