Defund Obamacare Before Americans Get Addicted to Health Care, Warns Sen. Ted Cruz


Sen. Ted Cruz recently told conservatives at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver to help defund Obamacare because if Americans get a taste of it, they won't want to give it up.

“On January 1, the exchanges kick in and the subsidies kick in,” said Sen. Cruz during his speech at the Denver Hyatt Regency on Saturday.

“Once those kick in, it’s going to prove almost impossible to undo Obamacare. The administration’s plan is very simple: Get everyone addicted to the sugar so that Obamacare remains a permanent feature of our society.”

He asked people who oppose Obamacare to sign a petition telling Congress to approve the September 30 continuing budget resolution, which provides money for the entire U.S. government. only if it eliminates funding for Obamacare, notes The Washington Times.

“Right now we don’t have the votes. Right now we’re not even close. There’s only one way we’re going to get 41 Republicans in the Senate and 218 Republicans in the House of Representatives, which is if they hear from the American people in overwhelming numbers," warned Sen. Cruz.

About 2,000 attendees applauded Sen. Cruz's call to stop Obamacare, which would provide insurance coverage to 30 million uninsured Americans.

Source: The Washington Times


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