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Debra Messing Faces Backlash After Sharing Controversial 'Photoshopped' Image


Will & Grace Star Debra Messing is facing backlash after she posted photos that aimed at drawing a link between Adolf Hitler and President Donald Trump.

She captioned the images: “A dog whistle to white nationalists and Nazis. This is not an accident.” The images included one of Trump holding a Bible and the other a photoshopped picture of Hitler holding a book.

Comments poured in, with many people pointing out the Hitler’s photo had indeed been doctored.

Radio host Neal Boortz wrote: “You DO realize the Hitler photo is a fake, don't you? It was photo-shopped you mindless twit.”

“Please check stuff before you spread it. The Hitler photo is fake,” BuzzFeed News media editor Craig Silverman wrote.

Others wondered how holding a Bible was a secret ode to Hitler, even if the photo was real.

“Hollywood elites: anyone holding a Bible is Hitler! This is idiocy,” wrote Senator Ted Cruz.

One person mocked the post by commenting with picture of Hitler and Trump drinking a glass of water, captioning it: “well well well.”


Messing has always been vocal about her opinions of Trump.

Trump has been harshly criticized for his photo-op session which created the picture of him holding a Bible. Riot police, under the direct orders of Attorney General Bill Barr, cleared Lafayette Park of protesters for Trump to have his photo-op.

Trump walked from the White House to St. John's Episcopal Church.

Barr’s orders resulted in excessive use of force by federal law enforcement officers who used tear gas, rubber bullets, and mounted officers to remove protesters from the square across the street from the White House.

Trump’s photo-op was staged in front of St. John's church just minutes after the brutal removal of protesters from the area.

The acting chief of the U.S. Park Police Police released a statement claiming that his forces never deployed tear gas, contradicting eyewitness reports and a priest at St. John's who stated that she was “coughing with tear gas in my clergy collar.”

Sources: America Now / Photo Credit: Google, Twitter/Debra Messing

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